Friday, June 11, 2010


Well it has been a while since I have blogged and that has been due to me moving, and starting a new chapter in my life with my daughter, and a wonderful man. I am 15 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby and still building towards success. I am honestly at a wonderful point in my life still with the everyday stresses, but hey I am still alive with a Healthy family and a wonderful surprise on the way so why complain. This year I have set some very high goals for myself with so much on my plate, But with my mindset I know I am able to do what I set my mind to. It is very exciting for me to be a mother of two and still do all what I have always dreamed of. God has truely blessed me with wonderful motivating people in my life, I am building new friendships burning old friendships that were never healthy to me. I can truely say that I am growing up in all ways that have been needed for me to grow up. Yes I still do makeup, Yes I am still a Graphic Artist, Yes I am still a Model, and all of the above I am still the postive minded young woman ready to take on the world. Thanks to those who read even tho I may bore you. The next blog will be a letter to my unborn child and my baby girl who is soon to be four.


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  1. Bore? There is not anything boring about a person experiencing life's nuisances and forging his or her own path. Yes, I will still read whenever you post. Yes, I still think you are an inspiration, especially to your young daughter.

    God bless.