Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loving yourself completely

This topic was brought up the other day by a friend of mine and I can really relate to this 100%..

Many People allow themselves to be put down, and mistreated for "Love" "Friendships" or simply just to fit in. They allow themselves to play the fool in many situations. Me myself I can speak on this because I allowed myself to go through bullshit all because of "What I thought was Love" which was'nt all along. I was the girl that thought the situation would get better, and prayed hard every night hoping things would be alright knowing that the situation was getting worse.Thinking I could Not get out of the situation thinking I was trapped and all along I was the one that basically stayed without speaking up just letting myself look dumb. In life you go through certain situations that is the biggest lesson learned, and you become stronger from the situation.

I can say I honestly did not love myself the way I should have 5yrs ago. I was mistreated, Mislead, and was never once supported on the goals and dreams that I had in life.I allowed another to put me down for their own pleasure, and joy. I loved with my entire heart and soul, and thought I could never fall out of love, that was how hard I love this person. I dealt with shit that many people would not have put up with, and situations that I had once told myself I would never deal with but once you are in that situation you dont know what to do or how to let go. Honestly, I can say I regret all that I went through, but trust and believe when I did walk away and let go "ENTIRELY" it was the most painful yet "ELATING" feeling in my life. Before you can ever be in a solid relationship you need to love yourself completely and never allow yourself to be mistreated just to make another individual happy. If anyone has any type of unconditional love for you they will do by all means what ever it takes to never let you hurt or never put you down no matter what.

I am much stronger, wiser, and yes I do love myself and I am very proud of myself of not letting a situation break me entirely. I am a wonderful Mother of a beautiful smart little girl, A owner of three up and coming companies. And trust I know what "true love" is!!

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