Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feels so surreal but I love him what can I say im happy

Lyin next to him every night, waking up to him in the beautiful mornings light...Uplifting and showing me new things in life, holding onto my heart oh so tight...
Loving me in ways I should have always been loved, He is truely heaven sent the most beautiful love,
He is honest with me no matter if it hurts my feelings, but keeps me sane and keeps me from touchin the ceilings...
This man has me exploring new options in life bringing new individuals who were never in sight
I can honestly say this is what "REAL LOVE" Is I have claimed it many times but like I said this love is heaven sent...His heart have intentions of good things in life, he is a man that fights for all things that are right...We uplift one another in ways that are needed, Motivation is one true thing we have conquered we have succeeded...True love this is yes I can say it is,  no man has challenged my mind in ways that he has unknown knowlege he has only to find, in me there are things i never knew were within.Bringing faith back into my heart formulating the mind preparing inside happy and blessed is the mood I have for all I can do Is thank god for Giving me you!!

Love you Babe