Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yes yes we have a modeling team...

My buisness partner and I have pretty big dreams. One of my dreams was to model,
and one of hers was to manage a modeling team.We both came up with the idea to
start our own modeling team, and branch it off of our Makeup compnay "Exclusive
Eyez". We both soon fell in love with directing, and setting up the shoots, doing
hair and makeup, and helping others fulfill their dream to model. B.A.E. is still
undergoing alot of construction, but we are building very quickly.Jasmine and I are
very hardworking individuals, and very easy yet fun to work with. So be sure to be on
the look out for our modeling team Bay Area Exclusivez.

If you are interested in modeling with us please do feel free to email us
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